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Directions to the CSCS Card, Health & Safety Card, Test Centre in Stoke on Trent: Situated about 20 minutes walk from the main bus station in Hanley or bus number 18 will bring you close to the test centre.</plaintext> Hanley Test Centre. Unit 8a Whittle Court Town Road Business Quarter Hanley ST1 2QE. Hanley. Stoke on Trent. ST1 2QE. ST1 2QE. Stoke on Trent CSCS Test Booking Service. Let us take the hassle out of booking your Stoke on Trent CSCS test. Our quick and simple Stoke on Trent test centre booking form makes it easier than ever. Book Now < Back To List. The Quick And Easy Way To Book Your Stoke on Trent CSCS Test.</p> <p>Address: Stoke-on-Trent CSCS Test Centre Unit 8a, Whittle Court, Town Road Business Quarter, Hanley ST1 2QE On the Map: CSCS Test Questions & Answers for the Construction Card Test. Stoke-on-Trent CSCS Test Centre. Address: Stoke-on-Trent CSCS Test Centre. 2014 CSCS Tests. We have collated the best 2 companies in Stoke on Trents to take your CSCS Card test below. If you need more information view our page on how to get a CSCS Card, to check out the latest jobs go here: CSCS card jobs in Stoke on Trent.</p> <p>Test Centre Stoke on Trent. Book your CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test commonly referred to as a CSCS Test or a CITB Touch Screen Test in Stoke on Trent, along with finding all of the information you need for the Stoke on Trent Test Centre including the full address and directions to the Stoke on Trent test centre. Why should you do a CSCS Test in Stoke on Trent? CSCS Test qualified tradesmen are given priority over those without it when it comes to offering jobs and giving promotions. Even homeowners nowadays are making it a point to hire only CSCS Test qualified or safety-trained in simple terms tradesmen. Book your CSCS Test in Stoke On Trent with Construction Site Skills. Call now on 07398 568290 or book online. Official CITB revision material available. The CSCS Test in Stoke-on-Trent is a multiple choice computer-based test, you will be asked questions on health and safety issues that relate directly to your construction job. You will be asked questions on health and safety issues that relate directly to your construction job.</p> <p>HSE Test and Exemptions. To apply for a CSCS card you must have passed the appropriate version of the CITB Health safety and environment HSE test, within the last two years. Applicants can use the CSCS Card Finder to find out which version of the CITB HSE test applies to their occupation. This site uses cookies. We have already set cookies which are essential for the operation of this site. 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